CB09-12 8A Auto Battery Charger/Maintainer – 9 Stage

12V 8A Auto battery charger/maintainer – This vehicle charger automatically performs the charging function in 9 stages. The first 5 stages perform diagnostics and recovery depending on the condition of the battery. After recovery a bulk charge brings the battery up to approximately 80% of capacity. This stage is followed by a low current charge up to almost 100% capacity. The final maintenance or conditioning stage will pulse low charging current, cycling between trickle and maintenance modes to keep the battery in top condition for a long period, The charger can be left connected to the battery in order to perform this maintenance function.

LED Selectable modes; Motorcycle, car, winter start, Calcium and DC output
Suitable for 12V Lead Acid batteries
Also provides 12V output including SLA, WET, AGM, VRLA and Lead Calcium
Power supply mode provides a 12V supply for powering appliances
Reverse polarity and overload protected
Includes battery clamp connectors, ring terminal lead and auxiliary power (cigar lighter) adaptor
For use with 12V lead acid batteries up to 160Ah

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CB09-12 8A Auto Battery Charger/Maintainer – 9 Stage